Doggy DayCare

Offered Monday - Thursday 

*No Holidays or Weekends 

8:00am - 6:00pm

   Daily Rate:

      $22.00 Per Dog/Per Day

Training Not Included

    Package Deals:

    Buy 6 $110.00

    Buy 10 $198.00

Basic Obedience Classes

Each Class $25

Puppy Kindergarten 

Each Class $25

Senior Doggie DayCare

More 1 on 1 Time

Buy 10 $250

All packages expire 6 months from purchase





Doggy Daycare
Rest Time
Summer Time
Human Interaction
Summer Cool Down
Even Big Dogs like to Play
More Playing
Exercise for DAYZZ!

Our furry family members need socialization, and interaction with other dogs-Just as we do with other people.

Doggy Daycare allows your pet to exercise, stay active, and ensure a safe shelter from any weather elements during the day.


BarCar Acres offers carefully handpicked buddies to play with, or even just a large yard with an

attendant to throw a ball for

them if they don't play well with other dogs.


Doggy DayCare is not just for younger dogs - Dogs of all ages enjoy coming and playing...and enjoy the time they get out doors

verses being inside a home or crated all day while their owners work.

Rehab/Medical  DayCare

Daily Rate:

      Starting at $30.00

Per Dog/Per Day

Training Not Included

**Please inquire, the price for each day of doggy day care will vary based on your pets situation and level of need. 

At certain times our furry family members have

medical needs that require a need for constant care, supervision, and medications. 

Rehab/Medical Daycare allows you to keep your

routine &  know your pet is in good hands!

We all need time to heal - our furry family members included


  • Your pet will have supervised outside time periodically throughout their day. 

  • An attendant will also be available to care for their specific needs

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your pets care needs.

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