Full Service Grooming

40+ Years of Experience!

National Certified Groomer Onsite

**Small Breed Full Groom: 0-20 lbs

Starting at: $65.00

Medium Breed Full Groom: 21-55 lbs

Starting at $70.00 


Large Breed Full Groom: 56 - 80 lbs 

Starting at: $80.00

X-Large Breed Full Groom: 81 lbs & UP 

Starting at: $95.00

**Clean Up Bath:

Starting at $40.00 - Breed Dependent

(Shampoo,Condition,Blow-dry - Does Not Apply to ALL Dogs)

**Chest- Belly- Bum Trim:

Ranging from: $18.00 - $45.00


***Cat Grooming***

Starting at: $125.00



Hand Stripping:

$75.00 Per Hour

Hot Oil Therapy:

$25.00 per treatment/per pet

Toe Nail Dremeling:



Teeth Brushing:


Anal Glands ONLY:


De-Matting ONLY:

$30.00 Per Hour



When your pet comes in for Grooming it will Include:

Full Bath with Quality Shampoo & Conditioner, brush out, 

complete blow dry, styling as applicable ear cleaning, eye cleaning, anal gland release, and nail dremeling.  

Grooming appointment Availability 
Appointment are generally booked 6 weeks out for next availability; unless your pet is here for boarding. Call to schedule directly or to be placed on our cancellation list.
Grooing Services

Doggy SPAW Services

Hydrotherapy Massage

$40 Per Session

$20 Per Session WITH Grooming


Essential Oil Therapy

$5.00 - $50.00

Photopuncture Therapy

(Acupuncture Using Light given by a Certified Light Therapist)

$45.00 - $65.00 Per Session


These services make an extreme impact on daily life for pets that have muscle and joint pain.  They can also aid in reversing skin conditions, and aid a  dog with allergies.

Bring your dog in for their very own SPAW day in addition to their bath or grooming!

Doggie Spaw Day